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IMPACT Family,

We give thanks to God for being our parent, mentor, and savior. God's unmerited grace and love be with all of us throughout this Thanksgiving week. - P. Eun


Skyzone Event:  Nov 25th Wednesday, 6:10 - 8 pm.  We will have joint event with Chosen Ministry (Upper Elementary): "OPEN TO SIBLINGS AGE 4 AND ABOVE AND FRIENDS!"   If you want to join this Skyzone event…

1)  Please see the attached file and return the PERMISSION SLIP. $15/Child (socks and drinks included)
2) Please log on to Skyzone Gaithersburg to sign a WAIVER FORM for EACH CHILD participating BEFORE the event.  
3) We will meet at the Skyzone-Gaithersburg by 6:10PM. Pick up your child at 8 pm. : 
15813 Gaither Dr,  Gaithersburg,  MD 20877

 Nov 27th Friday: There will be no gathering on Nov 27th Friday. (No events on Holidays and 5th Fridays).

 Christmas Presentation: We will have the Christmas Presentation on  DECEMBER 16   6:30 (rehearsal)  7:00 (presentation starts). Encourage your kids to be the leaders of the event!

LOCK IN: December 18, 7 pm – 19, 8 am

For 6th graders, Pastor Eun is happily opening up her house for a time of fellowship and for her to get to know you better. Please let her know of a good day to plan this!  (7th, 8th graders are invited right after the 6th graders' fellowship) 

 Student Leadership Board Election Process: For whoever wants to be part of the leadership, please submit your name on Nov 15- 21. You can also make a poster stating what position you want to take. The final selection will be made on Nov 29. 

WORD OF GOD: Luke 15:20  

But while he was still far off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion ” 



11/ 22 Olivia Oh

11/29 Kayla Han

12/6 Janice Hong

12/13 Hannah Kim



11/ 22 Elisabeth Jang

11/29 Daniel Hong

12/6 Ethan Park

12/13 Soon Hwang


Faith Program 

Nov25 6:10-8pm: Sky Zone

Nov22.11:45-12:15pm: Bible Study

Birthday Of The Month: Happy Birthday!!!

Nov 6th Vincent Chung

Nov 12th Peter Kang

Nov 28th Asim Meglu

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